Sponsors will be part of the continuous development of a new type of course on the international market, including clinical training as well as knowledge about the establishment of an efficient diabetic foot clinic.

The course programme is based on the existing consensus paper on management of the diabetic foot. Thus, sponsors will be part of an international cooperation within the area, aiming at the dissemination and implementation of best practise structures for a thorough prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of this complex pathology.

In addition, sponsors will gain access to a number of follow up activities offered to course participants.

As a secondary objective, the courses aim at influencing the political agenda on both national and European levels by establishing a network to facilitate knowledge sharing and consensus. Sponsoring companies are offered to be part of this process.

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General Sponsors

Terms & conditions

1. Payment terms: 25% of the total amount is payable within 14 days after signing this agreement. After March 1, 2020, 75% of the total amount is invoiced. All payments must be received on or before 1 August 2020 to participate and for acknowledgement in print materials. Payment is non-refundable except in the event of program cancellation.

2. Cancellation terms: Cancellation must be made via the Pisa Diabetic Foot Course Secretariat
(details below). In case of cancellation before March 1, 2020 a 25% cancellation fee applies. No refunds for cancellation after March 1, 2020.