The course is held in Pisa, Italy, and offers a combination of theory and practical training in the clinic within a 4 day period.

By the combination of lectures from different specialists and training in the clinic, course participants will gain insight into both the theory of the field and the practical methods used in the clinic. The individual training covers all the areas of interest related to the modern clinical approach to the diabetic foot, including instrumental diagnosis, revascularization, surgery and rehabilitation.

The 4 day theoretical course & practical training give participants a thorough introduction to all aspects of the diagnosis, management and treatment of the diabetic foot, including the following elements: 

  •     Pathogenesis and clinical presentation
  •     Systemic aspects of the diabetic foot
  •     Lesions
  •     Charcot neuroarhropathy management
  •     Diagnostic approach
  •     Imaging
  •     Revascularization
  •     Therapy – medical, surgical, rehabilitative
  •     Live Cases from the operating room with interactive audiovisual connection
  •     The diabetic foot clinic – structure and establishment

Lectures will be combined with practical sessions held in the afternoon at the diabetic foot clinic of the Pisa University Hospital.

Lectures will be in agreement with the International Consensus on the Diabetic Foot & Practical Guidelines on the Management and Prevention of the Diabetic Foot

Course facilities

Theoretical course and practical training

Hotel San Ranieri
Via Mazzei 2
56124 PISA