This programme concerns the 2022 course. the 2023 programme will be available in Spring 2023.

The course is held in Pisa, Italy, and offers a combination of theory and practical training in the clinic within a 4 day period.

By the combination of lectures from different specialists and training in the clinic, course participants will gain insight into both the theory of the field and the practical methods used in the clinic. The individual training covers all the areas of interest related to the modern clinical approach to the diabetic foot, including instrumental diagnosis, revascularization, surgery and rehabilitation.

More information about aims and follow up services can be found here

 Introduction/Neuropathy/Charcot Infection Ischaemia Surgery
08.30Welcome and Introduction
A. Piaggesi, Italy
Diagnosis of infection
Chair: J.L. Lazaro Martinez, Spain
09.00-11.00From sub-clinical to critical limb ischaemia
Chair: D. Adami, Italy
09.00 - 10.30The surgical management of the D.F.
Chair: A. Marques, Portugal
09.00-10.00The Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS)
Chair: A. Piaggesi, Italy
09.00Clinical presentation of infection in the DF
C. Goretti, Italy
09.00Clinical presentations of ischaemia in the DF
E. Iacopi, Italy
09.00Why we debride? The science behind the practice
V. Dini, Italy
09.00The progress of DF:  from an ulcer to a syndrome
A. Piaggesi, Italy
09.30The diagnosis of osteomyelitis in DF
J.L. Lazaro Martinez, Spain
09.30Ultrasound in  the diagnosis of lower limb ischaemia
V. Napoli, Italy
09.30New technologies that can change diabetic foot management perspective
A. Marques, Portugal
09.30Co-morbidities in the  DFS
V. Urbancic, Slovenia
10.00The multi-drug resistance in diabetic foot infection
E. Tagliaferri, Italy
10.00Angiography, Angio TC, Angio MR
R. Cervelli, Italy
10.00Surgical Management of the DF in the 2020s
J.L. Lazaro Martinez, Spain
10.00-11.00Neuropathy and the Charcot foot: Pathogenesis and diagnosis
Chair: N. Petrova, United Kingdom
The customization of therapeutic approach on the basis of the diagnostic work-up                        
N. Troisi, Italy
10.00From plantar ulceration to Charcot foot: the complex relation between neuropathy and the foot
N. Petrova, United Kingdom
10.30Imaging the neuropathic foot
G. Aringhieri, Italy
11.00Coffee break11.00Coffee break11.00Coffee break10.30Coffee break 
11.30-13.00Neuropathy and Charcot  foot: Therapy
Chair: Luca Dalla Paola, Italy
11.30 - 13.00Therapy of infections
Chair: J. Aragon Sanchez, Spain
11.30-13.30The management of lower limb ischemia
Chair: A. Cicorelli, Italy
11.00-13.30 From the Operating Room of the DF Section: Live surgical interventions on DF (with interactive audiovisual connection with Hotel S. Ranieri)

Operators: A. Piaggesi, C. Goretti, Italy
Discussants: JL Lazaro Martinez, Spain, E.Iacopi, Italy
11.30The biomechanic of the neurophatic foot
C. Giacomozzi, Italy
11.30Antibiotic therapy
E. Tagliaferri, Italy
11.30 The integrated medical approach to the ischemic DF
L. Pieruzzi, Italy
12.00Offloading the neuropathic foot
E. Iacopi, Italy
12.00Limb salvaging of the infected DF
J. Aragon Sanchez, Spain
12.00Do what you can with what you have: the optimal revascularization vs the feasible revascularization
A. Lunardi, Italy
12.30Surgical options in Charcot foot management
Luca Dalla Paola, Italy
12.30The time-dependent network around DFS
A. Piaggesi, Italy
12:45Surgical revascularization revisited
D. Adami, Italy
13.00Lunch13.00Lunch13.30Lunch13.30Lunch and Arrivederci
14.30Practical Sessions14.30Practical Sessions14.30Live revascularization Departure / On your own in Pisa
14.30 -
Hands-on workshops
(participants will be divided in four groups rotating on four different settings lasting 45' each)
14.30 -
Hands-on workshops
(participants will be divided in2 groups rotating on 2 different settings lasting 45' each)
14.30 -
From the cath lab: Live endovascular revascularization of the critically ischemic foot/ From the OR of the vascular surgery department: Live surgical by-pass
Operators: D. Adami, N. Troisi, L. Giorgi, R. Cervelli
Discussant: A. Piaggesi, Italy
 A. Screening lab
Risk assessment and patients data management: VPT – ABPI – TcPO2 – Thermal imagin
L. Pieruzzi, Italy
L. Ambrosini Nobili, Italy
 A. Negative pressure wound therapy                                                    E. Iacopi, Italy
E. Leporati, Italy
16.00 Coffee break  
 B. Offloading                    
A. Piaggesi, Italy
L. Abbruzzese, Italy
 B. New technologies                                   
A. Piaggesi, Italy
N Riitano, Italy
16.30-17.00Industry sponsored symposium: Debx  
 C. Local therapy                                                    
E. Iacopi, Italy
E. Leporati, Italy
Coffee break  
 D. The biomechanical lab                                                       C. Giacomozzi, Italy
N. Riitano, Italy
Industry sponsored symposium: Mölnlycke: Title: An innovative topical oxygen therapy to help accelerate wound healing
Introduction of Molnlycke Health Care and Granulox, innovative topical oxygen therapy: Catherine Reyes Gloria

Importance of oxygen in wound healing and case presentation: JL Lazaro Martinez, Spain

From clinical experiences to evidence building: the DFU Granulox Stud: A. Piaggesi, Italy
18:00Leisure time  
18.30Welcome cocktail at the Hotel San Ranieri18.15Evening free18.30-19.30Leisure time  
Evening free
Evening free
19.30-22:45Course dinner by the leaning tower on the roof garden at the Grand Hotel Duomo with view on the Leaning Tower.  

Course facilities

Theoretical course and practical training

Hotel San Ranieri
Via Mazzei 2
56124 PISA